A quick study and a social conscience: Meet Misha Kaura



When the designs of Misha Kaura stepped across the runway on Style Fashion Week in New York City in September, it represented a crash course in fashion for the 25 year-old.

In an email to CTFashionMag.com, she explained she had “learned to sew two months before launching my debut collection at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 8”

Besides being a quick study in fashion construction,, Kaura is also about making a stylish social statement with her latest collection.

She said of the line “Inspired by my love of Aristotle, my debut collection speaks to the sylish woman of substance who desires a timeless, classic look. Half of the dresses in the collection feature my renowned suction-enabled designs, which help to foster an inclusive fashion culture by encouraging middle aged women to look as slim as any woman half their age. The remaining half are for suitable for a broad age demographic.”

Kaura said, “We are transforming the industry by using extremely high-tech materials to promote a culture of fashion equality, whereby every woman, regardless of age, can look amazing. As a 25-year old Ph.D. student, much of my research in textile science has focused on systematically addressing problem areas in stretch materials, and it is for this reason I don’t use jersey in any of my designs.”

For more information, visit www.mishakaura.com.