CTFashionMag.com free giveaway– win your own Face in A Case

CTFashionMag.com is having its first contest give away.

Win a free Face in a Case with a matching makeup pallet—as featured on CTFashionMag https://www.ctfashionmag.com/2017/05/09/on-the-nose-with-rozana-face-in-a-case/

It’s easy to win.

Go to www.ctfashionmag.com, register for the site, and then comment on this story. Your comment is your entry. You can say what you want, but we’d love you to say, “I Love CTFashionMag.com. (Comments made on our Facebook or Twitter pages are not valid.) We’ll hold a random drawing to determine the winner.

Be sure to register with a valid email so we can contact you to let you know you won and to get your mailing address so you can receive your free Face in a Case.

The contest is open only to readers of CTFashionMag.com living in the continental United States.

Entries begin now and will close next Wednesday, April 11 at noon.

So start commenting.