Here come the Aughts with Candy-Rock Couture


The ’80s had a fashion comeback. The ’90s are in the midst of their comeback.

So why wouldn’t the Aughts be on deck?

Candy-Rock Couture stormed the runway at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City during Society Fashion Week.

The line presented a lively, energetic, colorful, irreverent, and saucy collection that drew upon a mélange of the pop and rock subcultures of the 2000s. There was some cyberpunk. There was some Harajuku. There was some Lolita. There was a bit of a raver feel. And there was a touch of goth, but with a day-glo twist.

Candy-Rock Couture’s Toys-R-Us gone mad approach was an interesting counterpoint to the shows earlier in the day at Society Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week. Those shows focused on designers who created fashions for children. Candy-Rock Couture’s fashions were for the adult who wasn’t afraid to embrace the care-free child within.