Morpheus dances with Kameyama’s Art Hearts Fashion runway show


Fashion designer Kentaro Kameyama took guests at Arts Heart Fashion during New York Fashion Week on Sept. 6 into his private world of dreams and slumber.

The winner of “Project Runway’” 16th season, Kameyama’s line, dubbed Bacteria Underwear, sent models down the runway in comfy, unisex t-shirts and briefs. But he accessorized these simple garments with giant eyeballs perched nattily on the heads or male and female models or clear plastic masks obscuring their faces. Lace covered pillows, some imprinted with winged men holding bows and arrows (like cupid gnomes), strapped across their abdomens and bottoms, also glided down the catwalk. Cheeky curves sometimes peaked modestly from beneath these overstuffed devices intended for a peaceful journey into Morpheus’s domain.

The models walked dreamily ground past the guests at Arts Hearts Fashion accompanied by Kameyama’s classical meets avant garde piano composition, adding to the mood of slumbering into the designer’s internal world.


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