Capture that dream


Elizabeth Kathryn Salina, better known as Lizzie Kat, believes in chasing after your dreams.

Houston-based, Lizzie describes herself as an aspiring actor-model, who is focused particularly in a career in acting. Describing herself as “versatile,” Lizzie has performed in various theater and dramatic ventures.

“I’m a hard-working and a career-driven person who always gives off a positive aura… and I have a strong belief in myself.”

Lizzie was a winner at the Magnifique Fashion Competition held at the Black Fox Resort, Pigeon Forge, Tenn. on Aug. 29. Magnifique Fashion Shows and Competitions are produced by Victoria Henley from “America’s Next Top Model,” Cycle 19.

“I’m extremely happy I met Victoria Henley to help me gain exposure for my dream and I want… thank her for this experience as well as the three best friends who joined this ride with me: my mom and my two best friends, Amanda Martinez and Ethan Wehner.”

To other aspiring actors and models, Kat said, “Don’t ever give up on your dreams.”

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