Casablanca Bridal shares its latest story on Love Stories TV


With the pandemic canceling all of the bridal markets to preview the 2021 collections, Casablanca Bridal took its newest line to Love Stories TV ( to give brides a virtual sneak peek as to what is coming in time for their weddings.

Creative director for Casablanca Crystal Lu noted how the company has adapted in showing the dresses to prospective brides. Lu, whose parents founded and run Casablanca said the family home has been stocked with mannequins, about 80 in all, wearing the gowns. Customers are then brought into the home to look at the gowns.

Lu said some apparel is easy to buy from a photograph on-line. But she said wedding dresses require a more tactile approach for a purchase and a fit.

Hence, the decision by the family to bring customers into their own home to check out the customizable gowns.

Due to the pandemic, Lu also said the new collection from Casablanca is smaller than it would typically be in most years. She referred to this year’s offerings as a capsule collection.

On Love Stories TV, Lu presented a video with gowns for 2021 from Casablanca’s three different brands.

Lu said Beloved is “our younger brand and most affordable.”

“The overall aesthetic is light, airy, free, not overly embellished,” said Lu of Beloved. “It’s for the trendy, DIY bride, looking for beautiful, clean minimal boho designs.”

The mid-price point brand Casablanca, said Lu, is for “the romantic bride who appreciates a modern twist on traditional designs without being too overly flashy or too edgy.”

Finally, said Lu, Casablanca offers Amare Couture “for your more fashion forward and daring bride.” The brand has the highest price point of the three offered by Casablanca.

Several of the gowns in each brand also were presented in black as well as the traditional white during Lu’s presentation.

Black gowns were introduced three years ago, said Lu. “We didn’t think it would do that well.”

To Casablanca’s surprise, Lu said a lot of brides began requesting black. Since Casablanca also controls the manufacture of their gowns, the company also has been able to provide brides with gowns in blue and red.

“It’s crazy, some of the requests we get,” said Lu.

Since Casablanca has control of the manufacturing of its gowns, Lu said the company is also able to offer each of its dresses in plus sizes. There aren’t size charts brides-to-be must adhere to with Casablanca.

Additionally, for this season at least, Lu said Casablanca has recognized the troubles placed on weddings by the COVID-19 pandemic. Matching masks are now available for each gown to help keep brides-to-be and her guests safe, said Lu.

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