Singer Luna C embraces the female as she respects the male


Connecticut singer Luna C’s voice may offer visions of female entertainers lie Jhene Aiko, Jessie Reyes and Kehlani.

But, Luna – who has a new EP “The Light” coming out this month – found her initial inspiration from two men.

Growing up in a family with little interest in music, Luna found the art form on her own. And when she considered the possibility of becoming a performer, the 5’3″ Luna found inspiration in two imposing icons of rap, the late Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac.

Luna recognized there was a certain irony in that her inspiration for music came from two men. But she explained, given her history, it made sense.

“I had a hard time looking to female (rap artists growing up) because I came from a very strict family background,” said Luna, who was born to Lebanese emigres as Carina Iskander.

“I saw female artists (like Lil’ Kim) and I felt they were over-sexualized,” said Luna. And as a young woman, she felt uncomfortable with trying to conform to that image.

Besides, having grown up with an older brother and hanging out with him and his friends, Luna C said, “I identified with guys.”

“I’m very in touch with my male side,” said Luna.

However, Luna is not completely divorced from her female side. Her current promotional materials do portray a more sensual flare. But, she explained, this is different from what she was averse to when she was younger. Women in the earlier days of rap had their sexuality forced on them by the men in the business, explained Luna. These days, artists like Megan Thee Stallion have taken back control of their sexuality from men, Luna explained. And women artists today feel if they want to show themselves in a sexual light, it’s their choice not their sentence.

And in this atmosphere of female empowerment, Luna C sees no problem engaging her more sensual side, and not just showing that she’s one of the boys.

Luna C’s new EP drops Nov. 29, 2020. Follow the Danbury, Conn.-based singer on Instagram (@thereallunac) or Facebook (@LunaCMusic).

Luna C poses for a fashion editorial at a recording studio in Southington. Photos by Mike Chaiken