Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley indulges in the fun at Spiegelworld


Known for genre-bending, wildly irreverent, award-winning shows that offer an exquisite blend of comedy, music, dance, and gravity defying feats of agility, Spiegelworld prides itself on producing not only merely “shows,” but alternate, immersive worlds where audiences can leave their cares behind and escape reality.

Spiegelworld has left a distinct mark on the Las Vegas entertainment community with not only world-class productions, but also customized, themed parties (ranging from birthdays, bachelorette parties, unconventional office gatherings, and more), as well as the futuristic Italian-American themed restaurant, Superfrico.

Photographer Lynn and I visited two of Spiegelworld’s most infamous, edgy, and imaginative shows that you should not miss on your next trip to Vegas.


Outrageous and uproariously funny, The Atomic Saloon show celebrates “The Wild West as it Never Was” with a fast paced, content-packed show starring Madam Boozy Skunkton and her sensationally talented crew (including a pair of nuns with a drinking habit, a singing cowboy with a penchant for cringeworthy, R-rated lyrics, an acrobatic sheriff and his chihuahua, scantily clad acrobatic saloon workmen, a gymnastic hula hooper, an ingenue who may not be quite as innocent as she seems and a pastor with questionable morals as well as a not-so-secret crush on Skunkton) throw a riotous, shocking, and hilarious variety show right in the middle of Las Vegas’ wildest watering hold.

Located in the iconic Venetian, a journey inside the Atomic Saloon Theatre is like stepping back in time to a glossier version of the real Wild West, with winding, neon illuminated corridors, upscale wild-west decor, a stunning mahogany wood-style bar (with a staggering selection of wines, craft brews, and liquors, available for purchase before and during the show) and a stunningly curated stage area that will transport you into another world.

Madam Boozy Skunkton, the show’s headliner and chief operator of the Atomic Saloon brings brilliant comic timing and fully embodies every aspect of her raunchy, colorful role, while Christian Stoniev (as seen on America’s Got Talent, AGT All Stars, and NBA half time shows across America) and his chihuahua, Percy, steal the show with a mind blowing hand balancing, acrobatic act, which has been witnessed and acclaimed by critics and audiences worldwide. (You can keep up with Christian and Percy on Instagram @castoinev for exclusive content, upcoming appearances, etc., and check out our IHeart Radio interview about Christian’s unique and exciting career on Backstage Pass on IHeart Radio, located on the IHeart Radio App or wherever you get your podcasts!)

Circus and variety enthusiasts will delight in the world-class high-flying acrobats, executing their own personalized versions of classic circus “Spanish Webb” and “Chinese Pole” acts, as well as the hand balancers displaying unparalleled strength and agility. Seekers of slapstick comedy and the salacious, dirty humor for which Vegas is famous will enjoy some of the more “inappropriate” moments including a real life “Burning Bush,” a nun playing a xylophone using only ping-pong balls (in the most unconventional way) and a “acrobatic” act involving Skunkton and the Pastor.

Hailed by critics and top media outlets

worldwide as “Drop dead sexy…ridiculous comedy mayhem,” and “Clever, hilarious, and gorgeous to look at,” Atomic Saloon show was also selected as the “Best Acrobatic Show” in the 2021 Best of Las Vegas Awards.

General reserved seating and a champagne package with stage side booth seating ( a premium bottle of champagne included) are available but sell out very quickly for the shows, so be sure to check the schedule online and reserve your tickets well in advance before they sell out!


PHONE NUMBER: (702) 534-3419


Blast off to Uranus with a wacky, crass and perversely talented starship crew on a high powered, non-stop, space journey for an entertainment experience quite unlike anything you’ll ever see elsewhere.

Born from the warped minds that brought you the acclaimed Absinthe and Atomic Saloon Shows, Opium is a technicolor, variety show experience, headed by foul mouthed Captain Kunton; Chip, the nerdy new recruit; Rob The Robot; a feisty flight attendant; absurdly talented and flexible space acrobats; and Chardonnay, a bizarre, plate spinning crew member who may or may not have a villainous plan in store to derail OPM73.

One of Spiegelworld’s most envelope/boundary pushing shows, Opium, as its name may suggest, is an absurd and trippy entertainment experience which cannot, and does not seek to be, defined.

Classic variety show acts include ring juggling, a remarkable floor acrobatics routine, a beautifully performed dance and immersive rolling globe bit, as well as more alternative fare including an R-Rated hand balancing routine, a pantomime of songs, sounds, and movies by an isolated movement artist, and many audience interactive bits. (Be warned if you are sitting in the front row, as you very well may end up being a part of the show!)

Located in the Opium Theatre at The Cosmopolitan, Opium brandishes a raw charisma, and an iconoclastic style that has become synonymous with the Spiegelworld brand and is not only merely a show, but also visceral, sensory experience that will remain with you long after your visit.

NOTE: Due to language, thematic elements, and sexual content, Spiegelworld shows are intended for audiences 18 years of age and older only. 


PHONE NUMBER: (866) 973-9611

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