Fashion, live and in color: Runway event set for Feb. 27


The Grand Foyer of the Palace Theater will be styling on Feb. 27.

Chasity Kennedy, the organizer of Life in Color, is a runway model herself. The Life in Color event is being held this month at The Palace Theater in Waterbury.

That’s when fashion and Black History Month will be celebrated as the Life in Color Fashion Show steps out on to the runway.

The show was the idea of Chasity Kennedy of Connecticut’s CA Productions.

“I’ve secured a total of 15 designers for the show,” said Kennedy of the event. “The particular focus for their line (should be) showcasing black royalty through haute couture. We will showcase streetwear throughout the show as well.”

Kennedy said she wanted to launch this fashion event because, “I’ve always found the celebration of Black History Month important; so once I began directing productions I knew I wanted to incorporate an annual show acknowledging black excellence.”

The motto for the show is “We are Queens and Kings and deserve to be celebrated.”

“I consider my event unique because we will be embracing natural melanin features on the runway,” said the organizer of Life in Color. “Typically in runway shows, you see models with straightened or curled hair, rather than utilizing natural textures”

“In my production, you will see the beautiful and unique styles we can do with all hair textures,” said Kennedy, who is also a fashion model who showcases her own natural textures.

“Life in Color Fashion Show is also unique because we will have a variety of special guest performances by talented, local artists,” said the organizer. “There will be multiple vendors present selling a variety of things ranging from soul food cuisine to crystal adornments.”

Kennedy said the event should have a broad appeal. “Typically, my audience is always very diverse,” noting her events pull in all ages and all genders.

The show also will highlight the good things in Connecticut, she said.

“There will be a lot of talent coming from all different parts of Connecticut, which will allow guests to learn about brands they may have never known were right next door to them,” said Kennedy.

Holding the event in Connecticut also taps into Kennedy’s own roots. “I was born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut and I’ve always wanted to see things like NYFW to happen here.”

Kennedy, although a model, is relatively new on the scene when it comes to organizing fashion events like Life in Color.

“I don’t have much experience in the industry,” said Kennedy. “I began in 2019 and this is my fourth show.”

But she added, “I’d say (my) qualifications are having good intentions and passion behind the production and not just doing it for money or personal reasons.”

The Life in Color Fashion Show will be held Sunday, Feb. 27 at 4:30 p.m. at the Palace Theater, 100 East Main St. in Waterbury. For tickets, visit