Dreaming of fashion


Madison Wright is living her dream.

Madison said she wanted to be a fashion model since she was a mere 5 years old.

“At 9 years old, I was invited to an all-paid photoshoot in Miami at Studio 1 Talent and Image,” said Madison. “My first fashion runway was in with Child Model Magazine’s 2021 Fashion Parade in Orlando, Fla. They had the fashion show at the Swan and Dolphin Walt Disney.”

That show also introduced her to Victoria Henley, who runs the Magnifique Showcase. Madison was a recent winner at the fashion event mounted by the former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant.

“I have been doing work with Victoria ever since,” said Madison. “She is so awesome and a great role model for me and my mom.”

Madison’s mother, Stephanie, is a model as well.

Madison has other family interests, too. “We are starting a foundation against animal testing. We rescued a dog that was used for animal testing. His right eye is damaged from chemicals being sprayed in his eye and he has a tattooed number in one of his ears. We do not stand for animal cruelty, and we want to help animals that are being abused and tested on.”

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