London takes a Dare


Dare Taylor, Miss Bikini Model 2019, already has walked on the fashion runways in New York City. But this month, she established her modeling brand overseas when she walked in fashion shows in London.

Dare, in an internet call from the U.K., said the organizers of Miss Bikini U.S. had a ton of connections with the fashion runway world. And over a series of encounters, Dare said she met with the people who put on the Fashion Life runway shows across the globe. First time out, the Fashion Life people liked Dare and soon enough they asked her if she’d be interested in doing some runway shows in London.

“They never guaranteed that I would walk in the show they just said, ‘Hey you can come with us…’… I took a risk and I went to the castings,” said Dare.

“Luckily, there was a designer who really liked petite models so she went out of her way (to find something for me to wear in a show),” said Dare. At first, the designer couldn’t find a garment for Dare. “Nope I have something, we’ll make it work,” the designer told Dare. And the designer finally had a make-it-work moment for the American model.

Asked about how she interacted with the models and fashion world in the U.K., Dare, for the moment part, said she found it all a positive experience

“All the other American girls… bonded together so well… We all had a really great time,” said Dare. “There wasn’t really like anyone who was rude.”

That said, heading into the castings, Dare said, I was a little nervous but I also had some confidence knowing that I know what I can do.

“Luckily when I first got here, like I said, nothing was guaranteed… I already knew coming in that it was like ‘you have to do your best. You just show up on time. Do what you’re told,” said Dare.

“When they first got us ready for walking in for the fittings, they… were like ‘OK, we want tallest to shortest.’ I was the shortest girl from America to be at this event.”


“In London, their models… typically tend to be very tall and very thin,” said Dare.

The reality of Dare’s situation hit her with a thud. But the social media maven didn’t despair.

“I just knew that I had something special to offer,” said Dare. “I have a huge social media presence. I was asked to be here for a reason and I know that I can walk.”

That said, Dare continued, “If some designer just doesn’t want to fit a petite girl for any reason then it’s kind of their loss.”

When all was said and done, however, Dare had her walks down the London catwalks.

For Dare, the trip to England was just her second trip leaving the United States. And she was making the most of her opportunities to do more than just walk in some shows.

Dare said she was doing the touristy things, such as visiting the London Eye. She also brought a photographer friend who was helping her create a ton of content on the streets of London for YouTube and her social media “empire.”

Dare also said she has been eating and imbibing like a Brit.

“We’ve been to a few pubs just because the food there is really good. The beer here is exquisite .It’s not usually my thing but I definitely tried it… (and I’m) definitely a fan,” said Dare.

That said, she had no interest in trying that British delicacy known as fish and chips. “I’m not a big fish person…. But we definitely did order what is called bangers and mash.”

Americans would call it sausages and mashed potatoes.

However, Dare stopped short of going full blown native in London. “I had a little bit of American food. I’m not going to lie. I went to Five Guys down the street.”

Overall, Dare said the trip has been a success. “It’s been a very pleasant experience.”

“I’m considering coming back at some point just because it’s been so much fun and the weather has been a bit rough (this time)…but I definitely want plan another trip in the future …  I think there there’s a brief point where you actually see some sun,” said Dare.

PHOTOS by MIKE CHAIKEN captured remotely via the CLOS app while Dare Taylor was in London.