Her story runs deep


Dr. Niecy Fuqua may have walked the runway at Magnifique Showcase and she may step out as a model in front of the camera. But her story goes deeper than that.

Niecy, who has 23 years of workforce development experience, explained she is an advocate for human resource development for private and public sector organizations.

Niecy said she a frequent speaker at organizations and conferences nationwide, covering topics related to educational leadership, women as leaders, leadership development, employee development, emotional intelligence, effective communication, and other leadership related topics. She also teaches, encourages and motivates others to achieve their personal and professional goals.

To reach this point in her career, Niecy earned an undergraduate degree in management studies, a graduate degree in human resources development and a Doctor of Management in organizational leadership. Additionally, she said she a certified as a “Time To Teach” trainer and is certified in classroom management and diversity and inclusion.

To top it off, Niecy is the author of “Secure Your Cape” a Women’s Motivational Leadership” and the textbook, “Cultivating a Culture of Nonviolence in Early Childhood Development Centers and Schools.”  Niecy next plans to release a children’s book, “ Secure Your Cape” Jr. Edition.

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