For Alison Vaughn, 2021 was all about winning big

2021 was the year of “The big quit,” but for Alison Vaughn, founder and CEO of Jackets for Jobs, it was the year of “The Big Win.”

The Goldman Sachs Scholar has always been about women’s empowerment. Alison’s energy and positive spirit led her to grace the cover of three online magazines (Her Vision magazine – February 2021; Purpose Driven magazine – May 2021; and Women Own Excellence – June 2021).

Alison, a graduate of Michigan State University, was named 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Michigan Association of Female Entrepreneurs and was a contestant on Jay Leno’s “You Bet Your Life” show.

Alison ended 2021 as a winner of the Miss Fashion Global Pageant for Michigan.

While all of these accomplishments are exciting, they also are important because they help “expand the brand” and put the focus on her true passion, Jackets for Jobs, said Alison.

Alison, a Comcast newsmaker and now a franchise owner of Miss Fashion Global, is excited to celebrate 22 years of outfitting and providing job assistance to metro Detroit job seekers.

Jackets for Jobs’ partnership with Detroit at Works, TJ Maxx and Domino’s Pizza has helped more than 30,000 clients achieve their job-seeking goals through their training program.

Jackets for Jobs’ was honored in 2021 for the fourth consecutive year as one of the Best and Brightest Companies to work for in Detroit by National Association of Business Resources. Their mission, says Alison is helping people get a job.

“We provide high quality clothing to job seekers that will impress any employer,” said Alison.

Alison was a recent participant in a fashion shoot at the Versace Mansion in Miami organized by Magnifique Showcase, which is run by former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Victoria Henley.


Photo Credit-Lynn Henley

Makeup-Terri King(Face The Throne)

White Gown designer-Madison James

Location-Versace Mansion