Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley takes a cruise in alligator country


Both high octane and supremely relaxing, Sea Serpent Airboat Tours is the best way to experience the vast natural flora and fauna, marshy swamps, and plethora of alligators that inhabit the waters of the most secluded areas of the ancient city of St Augustine, Fla.

This ultimate air boat tour, led by the extremely personable and affable Captain Michael Blount (a highly experienced captain with almost 30 years of experience on both domestic and international waters under his belt) and first mate, Justin (soon to be a captain himself) has been ranked as one of the best airboat tours in Florida.

Airboats, flat-bottomed watercraft propelled by an aircraft-type propeller and powered by either an aircraft or automotive engine, have gained somewhat of a reputation as being rough and tumultuous; however, our ride was exceptionally smooth, and the manner in which our guides conducted themselves throughout the experience made it obvious that guest satisfaction is top priority with Sea Serpent Tours.

My adventure- loving grandmother, Mimmie, 89, also joined and enjoyed, the tour, proving that this trusted company’s excursions are suitable and enjoyable for all ages.

The tour begins at Trout Creek Memorial Park and Marina, where guests are walked through a comprehensive safety briefing, before taking their seats and buckling in for the ride of a lifetime through St Augustine’s beautiful rivers and swamps.

Headphones are provided for the personalized enjoyment of interesting anecdotes and legends about the iconic St Augustine Swamps, stories of area hauntings, and Cajun music.

Along with the dozens of alligators, egrets, herons, turtles, fish and countless other wildlife species we encountered throughout the duration of our tour, we also were given an up close and personal vantage point of a secluded “pirate” shipwreck boat as well as some of the most strikingly beautiful flora the areas have to offer. Justin entertained the crowd with little known facts and stories about the gargantuan alligators’ native to the areas that we explored. The crew maintained a warm, friendly and jovial rapport with guests for an overall fun, adventurous, and lighthearted atmosphere.

Captain Becca, Captain Michael’s daughter, also regularly captivated crowds with her gregarious personality and deep, vast, knowledge of the expansive St Augustine waterways.


Sea Dragon/Fire Dragon Airboat Safari (Up to 15 passengers per boat). We highly recommend this tour.

This is one of our freshwater tours that allow our patrons to experience the freshwater (non-tidal) creeks that northeast Florida has to offer.

During this tour, visitors have the best opportunity of encountering freshwater wildlife and vegetation to include American alligators, turtles, reptiles, West Indian manatees, bald eagles, blue/gray herons, egrets, cypress trees, lily pads, and other wildlife and vegetation that inhabit the banks of our freshwater rivers and creeks.

This tour is approximately one hour in duration and includes a thrilling ride through parts of Trout Creek and Six Mile Creek, which are both located in the western most side of St. Augustine/St. Johns County.


Sea Serpent Ultimate Airboat Adventure — a private charter for up to six passengers.

This is a private charter on the six passenger Sea Serpent Ultimate Airboat Adventure or Fire Dragon Airboat Adventure.

Skim through the backwaters of the St. Johns River and surrounding tributaries on a state-of-the-art airboat.


Crazy Fish Airboat Adventure, Jacksonville, Fla.

Under the new ownership, you will be amazed as you board this  state-of-the-art, airboat, piloted by a licensed US Coast Guard master captain. Sit back while you tour the views of the giant ships of the Mayport Naval Station. You will be awed by the planes and helicopters that do fly-over maneuvers above your head. You will be intrigued by the historic and very active Mayport shrimp boats, as these large ships with nets cruise in and out of port with a bounty of fresh shrimp.

Get ready for your hair to stand up on top of your head as we fly and spin around the magnificent marshlands, wetlands, creeks, streams, and islands. This is the part of the tour that will blow you away. Goosebumps will form on your skin as we float through the pods of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.


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