Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley goes forward into the past in St. Augustine


Located in the heart of St. Augustine’s legendary Colonial Quarter, which features some of the most sought-after dining, shopping, and live entertainment establishments in the city, the Colonial Quarter Experience provides guests the opportunity to journey back through time and experience life and times through the eyes of people in the colonial period.

The tour begins with a highly informative lecture by a costumed docent, Rick Easterly, who portrays a clear and vivid picture regarding a typical day in the life of people living and working in the 17th century.

Following the lecture, our intimate group journeyed further into the exceptionally curated display of homes, storefronts, and workshops, leading to an authentic blacksmith display, where the skilled and engaging Easterly spoke in depth regarding the intricate and challenging blacksmithing process, while showing examples of several items forged on the premises and answering questions from the patrons.

Guests are also afforded the opportunity to tour DeMesa Sanchez House, a restoration of a home dating back to East Florida’s First Spanish Period and to learn about Tabby construction (a concrete made from lime sand and oyster shells ), which can be seen in a vast majority of the buildings onsite.

A myriad of flags, representing the very flags which have flown over the city for over 450 years—from the flag that likely flew on the mast of Juan Ponce de Leon’s ship as he explored Florida’s northeast coast to today’s 50-star Stars & Stripes, are on display throughout the Colonial Quarter Experience.

Visitors also have the opportunity to witness a thrilling cannon firing, view a real-life pulse-pounding musket demonstration , performed by a highly trained tour guide who not only demonstrates musket drills, but also repairs and maintains the garrison’s guns and weapons, and inspects and tests firearms.

Climb 35 feet to the top of the famous Watchtower, The Colonial Experience’s interpretation of an authentic Spanish Watchtower, for an unparalleled bird’s eye view of the city’s larger than life landmarks, including the Castillo De San Marcos and St. Augustine’s beautiful bay front.

Educational, immersive, and historically accurate, the Colonial Experience is the city’s premier destination to learn about and understand the life, times, and cultures of a different era.


PHONE NUMBER: (904) 342-2857


A swashbuckling exploration into the deep, dark underbelly of the lives, times, and raids of some of the most notoriously fearsome pirates who terrorized St. Augustine for centuries, the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum offers an exciting and educational experience featuring artworks, interactive exhibits, and thrilling audio and visual effects.

Thoughtfully and artfully curated, the museum explores world famous pirates ranging from Blackbeard, Calico Jack,  and Sir Francis Drake to the equally intriguing, yet lesser known, thieves of the sea, including Robert Searles and Andrew Ranson.

Numerous pirate flags are on display throughout the museum as well as exhibitions dedicated to the manner in which pirates planned their robberies and treasure hunts, displays regarding the undeniably questionable medical treatments of the 1600-1700s, and much more.

Be transported back in time 300 years to the “golden age” of piracy, and step into another world as you are afforded the opportunity to map out your own treasure route via several interactive kiosks, fire a “cannon” at enemy ships and even step inside a darkened private room where you can experience an exceedingly realistic pirate invasion via a personal audio headset.

Numerous exquisitely painted portraits and artworks bearing the likeness of some of the world’s most revered pirates are on display throughout the museum as well as a tribute to Anne Bonny and Mary Reade, the legendary female pirates who fought and sailed undercover as males alongside legions of men in a time when women were not allowed aboard pirate ships.

The museum tour concludes with an extensive display of authentic original movie posters, memorabilia, and more from pirate-themed films including “Hook” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

A thrilling adventure for the entire family, The St Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum is guaranteed to offer something to excite everyone.


PHONE NUMBER: 904-819-1444

Special Thanks to Cindy for facilitating our visit for this spotlight feature!

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