Taking a chance in America


With an excellent education nourishing her brain, Theanis Peña opted to leave her home in the Dominican Republic to make her dreams come true.

“I was always a young woman wanting to improve myself,” said the mother of three and wife. “Not everything was given to me. But my parents… taught me that what I want I can get.”

So, in 1996, said Theanis, “I made the decision to leave my life (in the D.R.) behind and come to fulfill my dreams in the United States.”

There were bumps in the road to success.

“I thought it was going to be easy as everyone painted it, but no, it wasn’t like that,” said Theanis, who recently won Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Showcase. “Despite having family here, some of them turned their backs on me, as did many friends, but that didn’t change my goal.”

Instead, Theanis said, “I worked and helped many people, including those who never thanked me, but that didn’t change anything in me, I was still me, the same girl who had come with plans to be a better person.”

Looking back on her life, Theanis said, “Despite everything I went through, I thank God, because if I had not gone through all that, I would not be who I am today, thanks to him I have been able to fulfill, I am fulfilling and I know that I will continue fighting for everything that a day I dreamed.”

“Today, I want to call all those women who feel that their lives have been destroyed, to empower themselves and continue standing, nothing in this life is easy, but we must fight for those things that we long to have.”