Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley wowed by Branson’s Duttons


One of the most critically acclaimed, established, and nationally recognizable performing families in the city of Branson, Mo., The Duttons have entertained millions of people not only through their award-winning resident show in the “Live Music Capital of the World” but also via their touring performances and wildly memorable appearance on the hit reality television competition series, “America’s Got Talent.”

Comprised of the immeasurably talented Dutton family in which each members contributes their own distinctive talents, style, and aesthetic to this two-hour music, comedy, and instrumental extravaganza, The Duttons have entertained, thrilled, and charmed audiences globally.

Entertainment expert Simon Cowell quipped, “I absolutely loved it!” and they also star in their own top rated show on RFD-TV entitled “The Duttons Through the Years,” a weekly series that covers the 30-year career of the family as well as highlights of some of their latest recordings and music videos.

Committed to excellence in not only their acclaimed, family friendly show, but also their entrepreneurial endeavors, the Duttons own and operate numerous thriving businesses including The Dutton Inn (a cozy, comfortable, and charming lodging destination which we previously covered for our spring 2021 Branson spotlight feature), Abby’s Tourist Trap (a one-stop shop for all your souvenir and branded merchandise needs, all located in one convenient shop and owned by none other than Branson’s freshly minted “Fiddle Player of the Year”, Abby Dutton) as well as The Dutton Theater in Mesa, Ariz., which they own and operate during the winter months.

Relentlessly motivated and undeniably, supremely, and uniquely talented, The Dutton Family creates a magical experience unlike any other through their resident show, which takes audiences on a journey through the decades with chart topping songs, a wide variety of dance genres, side splitting comedy, and a full scale band that will leave you absolutely blown away with their instrumental prowess.

Tragically, a fire swept over the beloved Dutton Theater in July 2022, and although thankfully, no one was harmed, the damage to the theater was extensive, and the Duttons were left without a home for their show for a period of time until their good friend, renowned comedian, Yakov Smirnoff proposed that the Duttons perform their show at this world class stage for the remainder of the 2022 season.

Elated for a platform to continue producing and performing the show that they love, the Duttons gladly accepted Smirnoff’s offer and are garnering rave reviews in their new, temporary location, until the main theater is renovated and repaired.

The Dutton experience begins with a rousing rendition of “Go Big or Go Home” by indie group The American Authors, an action packed re-creation of the iconic dance number from “Footloose”, a standout “Blue-Grassified” segment, during which mainstream hits and singles are transformed into bluegrass tunes including Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” and “I Feel Good.”

The hysterical Horn Boy , who wears a bodysuit completely covered in horns, re-creates several songs in a most unusual -and highly entertaining-format by squeezing and honking his plethora of horns in which he is adorned, a section of the show that will keep you laughing long after the curtain has closed.

Selecting only a few headlining moments from this unbelievably content -laden masterpiece of a show is a somewhat insurmountable feat; however, a few of the most memorable sections are the gorgeous original ballad “First” by the remarkable singer/songwriter, Jessica Dutton; a relentlessly catchy cover of “Life Goes On” by The Beatles; a grand scale steel drum section rendition of the heartwarming “Stand by Me”;  and a wondrously clever segment quite aptly entitled, “Classicalification” that turns unexpected contemporary songs into instant classical tunes through beautifully curated instrumentals.

The Duttons most recent set back as well as several health scares among their beloved family members throughout the years have staunchly proven that absolutely nothing can, or will, hold them back for sharing their beautiful talents with their ardent fans!


PHONE NUMBER: (417) 332-2772

INSTAGRAM: @the_duttons