Breaking past generations of abuse


Lisa Hopkins had wanted to be a model from a young age.

But the recent winner at Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Showcase said she was held back from her ambitions because of “some repressed traumatic memories (so) I was not able to bloom.”

In her late 40s, Lisa decided to seek help for the “triggers (that) kept hindering me from flourishing in my life.”

“Through lots of prayers and counseling I was able to peel my nasty onion to (reach down to) the core… to (begin) healing,” she said.

“My daughter last year opened up to me that her and my grandkids were in a domestic emotional abusive relationship (as well),” said Lisa. “I got her into The that I now support 10 percent of my proceeds from my boutique… and (I’m) in the process of starting my own nonprofit organization to help bring awareness to (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) to help others to heal and bloom into their purpose as well.”