Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley experiences the WonderWorks of it all


Stationed in the heart of the dynamic Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, S.C., the Grand Strand’s most sought after shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations, WonderWorks is an architecturally iconoclastic, wonderfully wacky, and impossible-to-miss upside-down mansion.

Upon entry to WonderWorks, guests are transported into a brave, exciting, and educational alternative universe, filled to the brim with over 100 unique interactive exhibits, displays, works of art, and reading materials, carefully and thoughtfully curated to excite, inspire, and motivate curious minds of all ages.

Best described as “an amusement park for the mind,” WonderWorks has cemented its status as a relentlessly fun, yet intellectually stimulating, family fun destination since the inception of its first location that opened in Orlando, Fla. in 1998.

Guests begin their one of a kind, WonderWorks experience by journeying through the technicolor vortex, featuring a walk-across bridge through a spinning tunnel of neon lights and stimulating sound effects, before entering the lower level of this dynamic entertainment complex, which features a myriad of interactive displays, games, and even physical challenges, unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else on the Grand Strand.

A few of our many favorite activities at WonderWorks include, Speed of Light, a rapid fire test of speed, mental acuity and reflex; as well as life-size PAC Man, which affords guests the opportunity to challenge several opponents on a gigantic, state of the art, LED screen.

Another personal, and fan, favorite is Laser Tag, which is located on the third level and brandishes the honor of being one of the largest, most popular, and well-designed laser tag courses in Myrtle Beach. A friendly and knowledgeable WonderWorks employee provides guests with top-of -the -line, vests and guns, complete with several sensors and sound effects notifying players of whether or not they have made a coveted perfect shot or if they need to put “Shields Up” after taking a shot from an opponent.

During our pulse pounding, high energy experience, featuring a wide variety of players of different ages and skill levels, I was delighted (and more than a bit surprised) to win our round of Laser Tag, providing me with bragging rights, a sense of accomplishment, and impetus to return back to WonderWorks in the near future to further hone my laser tag skill and beat my top score.


Press materials explain WonderWorks features over 100 hands-on, interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages to experience. Activities range from a realistic, simulated hurricane to virtual reality.

Special thanks to Cher Murphy for facilitating our visit for this spotlight feature!


PHONE NUMBER: (843) 626-9962

INSTAGRAM: @wonderworks_mb