Riley’s return trip to NYFW


North Haven, Conn.’s Riley Doyle will be putting her love for fashion and love for walking the catwalk into action this month when the teen returns to New York Fashion Week.

“I will be walking for Willow Bean Studios,” said Riley.

The teen offered up a story of the fates doing their magic.

“I walked for (Willow Bean) in September, and my mom posted photos of me wearing Jennie’s (Fear, the designer) beautiful purple, butterfly dress. Jennie commented on it, and then my cousin commented on it, and said, ‘Jennie, this is my cousin!’ They grew up together.”

“For my second show with Willow Bean, Jennie said she has some surprises on my dress, so I am really looking forward to seeing that,” said Riley.

In addition to Willow Bean, Riley said, “I will also be walking for House of Barretti, which is so exciting… I have done several shows with them, including Hamptons Fashion Week and Disney Fashion Parade. Both Jennie and Isabella (Barrett) know my style and dress me in outfits true to size. I love how (both designers) use quality material — outfits I could easily wear again.”

“In December, at Fashion Parade, Isabella and her mom styled me in a beautiful gold dress with a crown, which they described as an ice princess,” said the young model. .

“With the other Barretti models, we went down to (Disney Springs) and did a photoshoot and some videos,” said Riley. “They will be on a billboard in Times Square during Fashion Week. Obviously, I am beyond excited about this opportunity.”

When she heads to New York Fashion Week this month, Riley will be engaging in a repeat performance.

“I have learned so much in such a short time (since I started runway). I haven’t had any formal training, but one designer said my walk was like I had been doing it for a while,” said Riley.

“The first time I stepped out on the runway, I was a little nervous,” she said. But, she added, “I had some dance experience, so I wasn’t shy about being in front of so many people.”

In September, she said, “I felt excited each time I stepped out on the runway. I tried to engage with the audience and just have fun. I was also doing a lot of editorial shots, so I became comfortable in front of the camera quickly.”

Besides the runway and editorial work she has been doing, the seventh grader said she has been working on becoming a brand ambassador.

“I did some online videos for RuckusFX and Tastelli — which really is tasty, so you should definitely try it,” said Riley.

Additionally, the teen said, “I started representing Always Bella Clothing and Chaser Clothes. I don’t always know what they are going to send me, so it’s kind of like Christmas, getting a new box to open up every so often. And, then I show them off on Instagram, so my followers can buy these really cool clothes.”

Although she has been working with national brands thus far, and would like to work with more, Riley said she also is looking for local opportunities.

And what does the future hold for Riley Doyle? “I have been focusing on my voice lessons, and I hope 2023 is the year I record my demo. I have continued taking guitar lessons, and I just started piano lessons.”

“Modeling has afforded me so many opportunities for which I am truly grateful, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next,” said Riley.

Riley can be found on Instagram @rileydoyle4



Hair and makeup: Kaitlyn Green (@intoxikatedd).


Sneakers: Converse, @Converse

Leggings and top: House of Barretti (@HouseofBarretti).

Clothing: (@ChaserBrand


Glossy Pops (@glossypops)

Photographed on location at Pilgrim Furniture City, Southington, Conn.