Keep her eyes on the prize


Bethany Grondin has her eyes set on a career in fashion…but she also has her eyes on the long game.

“Modeling has completely rebuilt my life in the best way possible,” said Bethany. “Throughout the past year, I have been working on defining my career path and striving for the life I want to live. From pageants with Miss Fashion Global to experiencing New York Fashion Week with Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Showcase, I’ve learned so much about the industry and met so many new faces from around the world.”

But, in addition to her modeling ambitions, Bethany said, “I’ve never shied away from my education. To focus on this aspect of my life, I began online high school and college courses to help achieve my goal of graduating high school a year early and continue pursuing my modeling career while I’m young.”

As she works toward her future, Bethany said, “If I could give all young aspiring models one piece of advice I would say don’t rush the process, trust in yourself, and love every step of the way.”

Instagram: @bethanygrondin