Setting an example for the petite models out there

LaTonya Colvin is petite model signed with Bellah Modeling Agency of Columbia, S.C.
She has walked for several designers in runway shows, been published over 10 times in several different magazines, including two recent covers.
LaTonya, a recent winner at Magnifique Showcase mounted by former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Victoria Henley, said she “is constantly working on honing (my) craft. (I strive) daily to be a better model than (I) was the day before.”
LaTonya stands at 5’5”, which is short by industry standards. However, she said, she hopes “to be a positive role model for other models (my) size and for young women who dream of being in the industry.”
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Model: LaTonya Colvin
IG: @glamourgirl_damodel.

Photographer: Tracy Lucas

Lucas Vision Photography

IG: @lucasvision1
Wardrobe: Blessed Hands
FB: Angela Thompson
Jewelry: The Mad Jeweler Shop
IG: @themadjewelershop
Makeup: LaTonya Colvin