Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley pulls up to a tasty Japanese hot pot at Kamitoku


Located in the Market City Shopping Center, Kamitoku Japanese Hot Pot is a hidden gem in Waikiki that offers a vast array of traditional hot pot dishes, celebrating a beloved and age-old Japanese culinary tradition.

The Japanese culture, which is extremely prevalent in the Waikiki-Honolulu areas, is honored in all facets of the Kamitoku Japanese Hot Pot experience, from the decor to the music to the exceptional assortments of Japanese beers and sakes and, of course, to the thrilling array of menu items, each carefully curated and prepared in a traditional Japanese fashion. Intimate, charming, and ardently dedicated to providing customers with a culturally enlightening culinary experience, Kamitoku Hot Pot has swiftly established itself as a go to traditional Japanese eatery among locals and visitors alike.

I was was afforded the exclusive opportunity to spotlight this outrageously popular establishment, and with the help of our fabulous liaison for all things Hawaii, Kei Segawa, we formulated a list of our very favorite food and beverage items so that you may know exactly what to try and expect on your upcoming visit.


Hibiscus Tea: This colorful, sweet, and undeniably refreshing tea is a perfect way for non-drinkers to feel as though they are enjoying a fine Hawaiian island cocktail, without any of the after-effects. The hibiscus tea is one of the most popular items on the menu among locals and visitors alike.

Sinjin, Asahi Japanese beer: Discernibly dryer and more potent than the average American beer, this top brand of Japanese beer is distinctive in flavor and makes an excellent accompaniment to enjoy with any signature dish or starter.

Chiyomusubi, sake: One of the foremost brands of authentic Japanese sake, this beverage is legendary for its sharp, bold, and dry flavor and its ability to pair with a large array of food items. We highly recommend pairing a sake with a noodle hot pot dish for a sublime contrast of flavor.

Taro Tenora: This tempura style dish offers an exciting blend of sweet and savory flavors with a crispy texture that is impossible to resist. The uniqueness of this popular menu item has made it a standing favorite among locals.

Deep fried tofu: Japenese style deep fried tofu with Yuzu Ponzu. It’s tender tofu, crispy fried to perfection, bursting  with a vast assortment of flavors.

Piggy Queen, a main dish, features a mound of wrapped pork, presented with noodles, fresh varieties of vegetables and  beefy wild broth. The skilled and accommodating server turns on the hot pot, and once the broth is properly boiling, noodles and assortments of vegetables are added. Finally, the meat is cut and added into the hot pot dish in portions specifically tailored to the customers’ liking and discretion.

We would like to thank the incredible Kamitoku Japanese Hot Pot Team as well as the always amazing Kei Segawa for having us and for the unmatched hospitality throughout the duration of our visit!


PHONE NUMBER: (808) 784-0121

INSTAGRAM: @kamitoku_ramen.hawaii