Backstage Pass: Model Victoria Henley hoists the mainsail at Pirates Voyage and Dinner


“Myrtle Beach’s Most Fun Place to Eat,” Pirates Voyage and Dinner show serves up a swashbuckling adventure and a four-course feast that is sure to be one of your vacation’s highlights.

Upon entry into the grand, superbly decorated theater, you’ll be escorted by a friendly staff member, decked out in full pirate regalia, into the majestic bar and reception area, where you can enjoy a libation or two, shop for signature merchandise in the gift shop, and enjoy some intriguing reading materials about some of the most fearsome pirates of the sea, including the infamous Anne Bonny, Sir Francis Drake, Mary Reed, and, of course, the legendary Edward Teach (aka: Blackbeard).

Once you enter the performance arena, you’ll take in the viscerally stunning sights of the grand scale set, including a larger than life pirate ship, a beautiful crystal blue “ocean” and breathtaking set design that truly immerses guests into the adventuresome lives and times of the pirates of antiquity.

The show begins with an exhilarating array of acrobatics, masterfully executed by the talented Pirate’s Voyage Cast, complete with original songs and precise choreography. During the course of the wildly popular two-hour show, the hearty feast is served in courses, including:

Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup, a Buccaneer Biscuit, A whole roasted chicken, Swashbucklin’ Sugar-Cured Ham, Cob-O’ Buttery Corn, and a Pirate Herb-Basted Potato. The sumptuous feast concludes with a “Walk the Plank” specialty dessert, consisting of a flaky and sweet, yet tart, apple pie fritter which is sure to shiver your timbers.

Outrageously high-octane fun for buccaneers of all ages, Pirates Voyage has entertained, excited, and delighted legions of guests since its Myrtle Beach opening in 2011, solidifying its spot as one of the highest ranked entertainment destinations in the city of Myrtle Beach among visitors from across the US.

Show highlights include the adorably mischievous Salty the Sea Lion, the mystical, magical resident mermaids, the ongoing tumultuous romance of the dueling “Red and Blue Team” pirate captains Crimson and Sapphire, and last but certainly not least, the unmistakable and iconic Captain Blackbeard, portrayed to perfection by actor Lamar Wilson, one of the most beloved and well received actors to ever fill the boots of the notorious pirate.

Be sure to check our upcoming interview with Wilson on “Backstage Pass with Victoria”, available on or wherever you get your podcasts.

Special thanks to the incredible Ellen Liston and the amazing Pirates Voyage Team for having us back!


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