Passion for modeling, acting

Fifteen-year-old Cheyenne Hatfield has a strong passion for modeling and acting.

Three years ago, Cheyenne started working with Barbizon Modeling, where she earned honorable mention honors for her skills in monologues, commercials, and improv.

Cheyenne also recently was chosen to participate in New York Fashion Week for Wayne Sheilds, the owner of Plitz, where she won the virtual preliminary child competition. For the honor, Cheyenne received a photo shoot in New York City. While in the Big Apple, she also got the opportunity to pose for Texas designer JosephLFashions.

At Acadiana Fashion Week, Cheyenne met with former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Victoria Henley, who invited her to participate in Los Angeles Fashion Week.

The Ponchatoula, La. resident is the youngest of six children. In addition to modeling, Cheyenne’s hobbies include spending time with family, traveling and gardening.


Gown: Gina T

Necklace: Warrior U

Photographer: Lynn Henley


Photographers: Plitz New York


Flower dress: JosephLFashions Texas

Photographer: Plitz New York