Jahzara took her shot and made it work for her

Jahzara Abdullahhaytham took a chance and she’s now living the life.

“i was on the road to being a certified (nurse’s assistant),” she said. “I love helping and caring for others; but my true passion that drives me is runway fashion.”

“I took a shot at modeling school at John Casablancas, had my first runway show and never looked back,” said the recent winner from Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Showcase.

“Being part of the modeling industry has always boosted my confidence and morale, bringing out the best version of me,” she explained. “I have always been petite. I get complimented on my body and face. My cheek bones and natural beauty have been the most two features people notice.”

Photographer: @lynnhenleyphotography


Designer: @pop vintage


Hair @jahzara abdullahaytham


Makeup: @jahzara abdullahaytham