Inspired by the Met Gala

Everyone was talking about the fashion event of the year, the Met Gala, on Monday in New York. Celebrities– like Kate Upton, Cindy Crawford, and New York Yankee great Derek Jeter– showed their style while the paparazzi were watching.

If you’re looking to take inspiration for Met Gala style, White by Vera Wang and Black by Vera Wang may have the looks you’re seeking.


VW360215_STERLING_VW_PROD4_FRONT VW360134_STERLING_VW_PROD4_H_FRONT VW360013_STERLING_VW_PROD4_FRONT F28FEB76-8CC4-4563-A0D7-FA46C3646B9D F2FAE0AF-0928-45DF-A6D0-4CF84DEF23DB BDD1D822-654B-4003-B94F-DD5755738CE4