Princesses proliferate


Princesses, if you think about it, were the first fashion icons. After all, if you’re royalty, you can afford the finest fabrics and jewels to make the paupers gasp.

And if you think about it further, fairy tale princesses were the first pop culture fashion icons. They’re stories helped make royalty seem more down to earth and more prone to the kinds of troubles commoners had.

These days, in Connecticut, fairy tale princesses are everywhere. There’s probably hardly a weekend that goes by where a princess doesn’t set up shop at a public event or arrive for a private party for some young princess-wannabes.

On May 7, fairy tale royalty gathered at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville, Conn. The cause, which was organized by the Junior Miss Southington pageant organization, was a fund raiser for the oncology department at Hartford’s Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and other worthy causes.

And the princesses all dressed in their iconic royal style.


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