Be true to your team in these leggings

If you’re a true sports fan, and you adore your Huskies, Red Sox, or Yanks, you want to do everything you can to assure victory for your team.

And this may mean putting on your team’s hat and team’s jersey to show your allegiance.

Maybe if you’re not into hats or tees, but still want to wear those team colors, Gameday Leggings offers you a comfy option.

The line offers a variety of colors that echo the most popular color combos of your favorite sports team and patterns from checkerboard to houndstooth to animal stripes, to polka dots to individualize your look.

The variety also makes the leggings perfect to wear to your kids’ soccer matches and Little League games.

And there’s nothing saying you can’t match Game Day leggings with the official hats or t’s of your sports heroes.

To order Gameday Leggings or for more information, go to  www.gamedayleggings

by Mike Chaiken