Bad Bunny, Bad Bunny, show us your pasties and panties


The name of the line already conjures images of the cult film classic “Donnie Darko,” an edgy story about a teen haunted by images of an evil rodent with big ears.

And Bad Bunny by Connecticut fashion designer Jennifer Jacobs—with its punk rock meets Andy Warhol’s Edie Sedgwick vibe—definitely walks on the edgy side of the street.

What do you expect from a designer who puts the focus on a parts of a woman that are typically hidden away from fashion? She makes by hand bejeweled pasties (which can count on Miley Cyrus as a fan) and pinup inspired panties.

“I’ve always been attracted to a bit of a strange and theatrical aesthetic,” explained Jacobs. “I suppose it’s natural in me to create things that push boundaries a little.”

“Promoting confidence and body positivity is also important to me,” said Jacobs.

“I started creating pasties because they’re a bit taboo, and at the same time, really empowering and fun to wear! You can do so much with them. It feels good to know that the people buying them are having a good time wearing them,” said Jacobs.

“And the undies are a great everyday item that people can also have fun with, that I personally really enjoy designing,” said Jacobs. “I like creating patterns that fit a more strange and unusual aesthetic. I wanted to create lingerie for people like myself, who are a little outside the norm.”

“I wanted to create something not only special, but handmade using ethical practices so people can feel good about that too. And when it really comes down to it, it’s all just so fun to design,” said Jacobs.

Bad Bunny

Model: Monique Nichol

Makeup: Cassandra-Nicole’s Beauty Box : Cassandra Jones

Cassandra Jones

Location: Cinder+Salt

Photographer: Mike Chaiken