Face it: Diving into your first facial



You’ve heard the term “facial.” But maybe you don’t really know what it is and aren’t sure where to find out.

Well, Autumn Capurso, marketing manager for Pure Skin at 31 Liberty St., Southington, Conn. shared the scoop on facials.

The benefits of a facial, said Capurso, is “to resurface the skin you have. Getting rid of sun damage, brown spots, acne, blackheads… to clean out the dirt that’s in the skin.”

There are different types of facials and a place such as Pure Skin will customize the treatment “because everyone’s skin is different,” said Capurso.

Prior to the facial, Pure Skin—and other providers of facials—will do an analysis with the client to determine what products and what services to provide, such as whether they need just a basic facial or microderms, peels, and so on.

In terms of prep before arriving for your facial, Capurso said at Pure Skin they make it a point to clean the skin. It’s okay if the client comes in with makeup when they arrive, said Capurso, because the makeup has to be removed for the analysis. Oftentimes, the makeup will camouflage the imperfections that need to be addressed by the facial, said Capurso.

Facials aren’t a one-time deal, said Capurso. You should expect to come back at least once a month, she said. “Doing facials is like doing a workout for your body. You should be consistent with it. You can’t do it just one time and think my skin is going to be better,” said Capurso.

A facial should take about an hour, said Capurso. And all facials at Pure Skin are handled by licensed aestheticians who are constantly taking classes and improving their knowledge of their services.

Pure Skin is located at 31 Liberty St., No. 110, Southington, Conn.

For more information, call (860)426-9684 or visit CTSkin.com.


Lori-Ann Marchese, owner of Body Construct LLC in New Britain, Conn. takes advantage of the facials and other services available at Pure Skin in Southington, Conn.