Model Confidential: Desiree Robinson


“Model Confidential” is a series where we meet the people who make the clothes come alive.


Name: Desiree Robinson


Age: 13


Home state: Connecticut


Why do you like modeling?

I love modeling because it’s a way of showing another personality. It’s like acting, but in pictures. I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone and taking a risk because it’s fun, and that’s what I’m all about. For example, I had a lot of fun modeling for National Geographic and Six Flags because we got to be photographed and filmed having fun. I also like modeling because it provides exposure, a way of getting out there. This is especially helpful to me, being a kid who wants to become famous. Modeling also brings out personality. The way you pose, facial expressions, or even the way you walk on the runway can portray confidence, pride, and even fierceness.


Your fashion icons and why ?

My two fashion icons are Willow Smith and Alessia Cara. Willow Smith is one of them because she has an edgy and out of the box look but still has her own personality. She goes out fully and expresses herself through her clothes . I also like Alessia Cara because she has a stylish but casual teen-ish look to her clothes.


The one thing you can never leave home without?

Either Chapstick or a hair-tie. Chapstick because I hate having chapped lips and a hair-tie because I always like to be ready to get in a game ( basketball, football, volleyball, tag, etc.). Although i am into fashion, I am very athletic.


Favorite music?

My favorite music is pop. I like modern music because there’s always something new. I understand the lyrics and like the beats.


Favorite food?

My favorite food is pizza



33 1/2 bust

30 1/2 waist

36 hips


How can someone book you ?

To book me contact

Please also email or call my mom and manager if you’re interested in featuring me.


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Your fashion icons and why?


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The one thing you can never leave home without?


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