Overcoming your own holiday humbug



I’m sure you’ve given yourself every excuse in the book to avoid working out this holiday season. You’ve probably told yourself things like “I’ll get back on track tomorrow.” Or “New Year’s resolutions are soon so why don’t I restart then?”

I know there are times where we all feel overworked, tired, and completely overwhelmed with all the holiday chaos, but sometimes these holiday excuses can cause our fitness goals to come to a screeching halt. Whatever your excuse might be to avoid staying true to your fitness goals and routines I have some tips that might help you stay on track.

“I’m too tired today.” I’m sure we’ve all said it more than once. The funny thing about that phrase is exercise actually gives you more energy. You may need to look into your sleeping habits if you truly are too tired to work out, however, you can feel rejuvenated after a quick gym session.

Remember the recommended time for fitness activity is about 30 minutes. I’m sure we can all fine at least 30 minutes a day to run, walk, go to the gym, or even catch a class. If you’re thinking you’re too tired you might even just be bored so try switching it up this season. Check out local community boards and even see if your gym offers fitness classes. It’s always fun to try something new.

During this time of year we all say it at least once, “The weather is really terrible today.” For the days when the snow is just trying to beat you at your own game try giving yourself the chance at an at home workout. Clear some space in your living room, bedroom, basement, wherever the best space for you is to create yourself a circuit.

I’m all for Pinterest’s DIY workout circuits but I also love having some fun fitness apps on my phone. If you’re into that “high tech” convenience for fitness ideas or routines I recommend Cody App or Periscope. Both apps have video fitness training and are very easy to follow. They have everything for beginners all the way up to advanced routines. I do prefer Cody app over Periscope but both are very user friendly. Now if you like to “kick it old school” I still love reading and trying the workouts you can find in magazines such as Shape, Oxygen, and Men’s & Women’s Fitness. They typically have quick 20- 30 minute circuits to follow that you can do at home or in a gym. Either way, don’t let the weather ruin your fitness plans!

“Joining a gym is too expensive.” The same excuse is used for “Finding/ Getting a Personal Trainer is too expensive.” Any space can be used for working out and many personal trainers can work with any budget. If you’re finding it hard to find a good price on joining a gym throughout the year the holidays are a great time to find that not so expensive price. Websites like Groupon always have special deals for Yoga studios, CrossFit, and even those specialty gyms you think you’ll never be able to afford.  Not to mention a lot of Radio ads and even TV commercials will let you know what gyms are running special promotions. If you’re still concerned financially, see if your workplace has any type of workout reimbursement. Many companies are now paying you/ reimbursing you for working out and staying healthy. Having that work/ life balance is always a good thing.

“I don’t know where or how to start.” Nobody is born knowing how to do everything in the gym but everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t know how the weight machines work because you know what, plenty of people are happy to help. Even though it may not look like it other people in the gym are more helpful than you think. Ask the personal trainer or even the guy or girl next to you for advice on using the equipment.

Trust me, no one will laugh at you for trying to better yourself especially in the gym. We all started in the same place.

Overall, making excuses to not exercise is only going to hurt one person and that person is you. Even if you don’t feel guilty for skipping your workout at first it easily can become a bad habit. Remind yourself of your end goal and focus on building good habits instead. Change only happens in the present moment so try and give your presence this holiday season and don’t let the holiday humbug get you down.

Cassie McIntyre is a NASM certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and nutritional coach. She works at LA Fitness.