Faschinn in the Dirt goes All White All Light



Next Saturday, Connecticut fashion will be walking in the dirt when Faschinn presents a runway show at The Dirt Salon in Hartford.
Chinyerre McPherson, the brains behind the Faschinn clothing line, will be combining with The Dirt Salon to present All White All Light on Saturday.
“This is a collaborative event with the Dirt Salon owner, Cynthia Dodd,” said McPherson. “While meeting with her one day, we decided to plan a show together based off a summer solstice party she holds at her home annually. We are calling the show All White All Light in celebration of the summer solstice, which is when the sun rotates to its highest point. This makes our summer days longer.”
For her runway show, McPherson said, “People can expect to see a lot of neutrals, metallic, and pants.”
In terms of mood, McPherson explained, “This is called the Classique Collection, which is just that, you can expect to see some collared pieces, full pants, and some wrap styles.”
“I’ll describe this collection (which is about 15 looks) as whimsical with an edge,” said McPherson. “We are mixing dressy and casual, finding the perfect happy medium. This is a summer transition collection and most of the pieces can be worn into the fall.”
McPherson said, “The woman wearing these pieces is confident and sure of her personal style. This woman has quite the social life and owns her look fearlessly.”
Although she has been part of showcases before, McPherson said this is the first time where she has been part of a runway show where she was the sole designer.
“Cynthia of Dirt Salon has held many events in the past but this is her fifth year in business at the Dirt Salon,” said McPherson. “She’ll be debuting the brand new performance garden in the Dirt Salon’s backyard.”
This will be McPherson’s 10th year of designing. McPherson said, “I’ve been sketching and drawing fashion since I was 9 years old. I learned how to sew in my high school creative fashion design class. I went to Fisher College in Boston, where I studied Fashion Design and Merchandising. I’ve also worked under local tailors in the past just to keep my skill set sharp. Working on retail for over 12 years has also helped me with learning textiles, garment fit and consumer preference.”
All White All Light will be held at The Dirt Salon, 50 Bartholomew St., Hartford from 5 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 1. Dress code is all white.

A selection of Faschinn’s fashion show at Hartford Fashion Week last year. Faschinn shows her collection at All White All Light on Saturday.