From Idaho to the fashion runway, meet Maddux Hust


Idaho isn’t at the top of most people’s lists of places to go if you’re looking for a career in modeling.

So Maddux Hust, with an eye on pursuing her dreams of either being an actor or a model, packed up and headed off to New Haven, Conn.

Since New Haven is only train ride away from New York City, Maddux said her goals were a lot closer than they were back at home.

As it turned out, the move to New Haven has ignited Maddux’s career in fashion.

She won last year’s “Get Discovered” in New Haven, a free event organized and presented by John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Agency in Rocky Hill, Conn. At the event, participants walk a runway in front of talent and model agents, who may see some potential in the participants.

“Get Discovered” sets down in Westbrook, Conn. on Aug. 26. Agents from New York Model Management, LA Model Management, and John Casablancas will be scouting the talent.

Maddux said she initially wasn’t sure if she wanted to be an actor or a model.

All she knew was that she had a “crazy fire” within her to do something creative.

Get Discovered has pointed her, however, to modeling.

Personally, Maddux said she is drawn to modeling that delves into the artsy end of fashion- instead of glamour.

For her, the usual fashion model icons don’t register on her radar. She finds her modeling inspiration from some of the women who have their social media fame via Instagram.

That said, she does admire women like Tyra Banks and Ashley Graham (“She’s definitely one of my big inspirations”). Maddux likes these models because they have taken their modeling careers and used them as a stepping storm to build a much larger platform for themselves, a platform where they have helped shape the world beyond fashion.

Being raised in a small town in Idaho, where she often found herself hanging out at her grandparents’ farm, Maddux said she didn’t have a lot of opportunities to learn about the world of fashion designers. She knew some of the big luxury brands such as Gucci or Fendi. But she never delved much deeper because high end fashion clothing wasn’t something she could afford.

However, now that she won Get Discovered, Maddux said she is beginning to learn more about the world of fashion design.

In particular, Maddux said, she’s drawn to Kate Spade because of her brand name status and the breadth of her collections. More importantly, said Maddux, she can afford to buy Kate Spade’s products while she waits to fully establish her career as model.

Maddux said curiosity brought her to last year’s Get Discovered event. Her fashion mentor at the time said it might be a good opportunity. So Maddux took a walk the day before the event to see where it would be held. The runway was being constructed that day. So, she counted the number of steps on the runway and then went home to practice her runway walk based on her count.

“When I got there (the next day),” said Maddux, “everyone was nice and personable.”

“It wasn’t intimidating or scary,” said Maddux of the Get Discovered process.

With her win at “Get Discovered,” Maddux said Tina Kiniry, the president of John Casablancas in Connecticut, has taken her under her wing as a mentor. She’s also been taking free classes at JC to get her the skills she will need to take the fashion world by storm.

She hasn’t been on any casting calls yet, said Maddux. But that’s next on her agenda.

Get Discovered will be held at Westbrook Outlets, 314 Flat Rock Place, Westbrook from Saturday, Aug. 26 from 12 to 4 p.m. The event is free.

Maddux said she will be in attendance.

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