Silent Arrow: The lingerie brand for women who want to make some noise


Silent Arrow is lingerie for the woman who refuses to be silent.

The brand was launched last year by designer Kelly Barrett after she spent 15 years designing pieces for other people.

Silent Arrow was in attendance at Curvexpo in New York City earlier this month to make some noise among retailers and boutiques.

“It’s lingerie for women who are unafraid to be seen,” said Barrett. “It’s quite edgy. It crosses from underwear to outwear. You can wear it on its own… It’s great layered with see-through tops.”

The line is edgy, but Barrett said, “It’s actually quite comfortable lingerie… It’s very female friendly.”

“I think lingerie needs to work with you rather than against you,” said Barrett. “Over the years, I’ve certainly put on a lot of bras that are very beautiful but when I put them on my body. I feel there’s something wrong with my body, rather than the lingerie.”

“I feel our lingerie needs to be comfortable,” said Barrett. “And it needs to make you look better.”

“Our customer has an opinion,” said Barrett. “She’s quite outspoken, or she’s finding her voice.”

 It’s a time for women to be finding their voice again,” said Barrett, who comes from Melbourne, Australia where the line is based. “It’s an interesting time for feminists. We’re a feminist brand. We’re all about women ready to be seen.”

Curvexpo was the brand’s first attempt to get into the stores, said Barrett. Currently, Silent Arrow is available strictly on-line at

Kelly Barrett, right, is the designer for Silent Arrow lingerie.