Nevaeh say Nevaeh to elegant sexiness



There’s a beauty surrounding the designs of Nevaeh Intimates embodied by the tulle and lace used in the pieces on display at The Lingerie Selection showcase in New York City earlier this month.

But there also is a touch of erotic, as evidenced by one piece that provides a mask and handcuffs and other pieces with inserts that when removed offer a peek-a-boo effect.

Melissa Franchi of Nevaeh Intimates said the brand is celebrating four years. It is a luxury brand based in New York City and Los Angeles.

“We make a lot of clothes,” said Franchi. “Our theme is erotic elegance.”

To achieve this mixture, said Franchi, “We use a lot of European fabrications and a lot of details.”

Franchi said she was inspired to launch Nevaeh Intimates because “I took classes in school doing lingerie and from there I wanted to make women feel sexy. I got myself into the industry and I haven’t looked back.”

As for the woman she sees wearing her pieces, Franchi said, “I want to make her feel comfortable because this woman is already secure enough in herself. She’s independent… She’s aggressive. Not in a crazy manner. She’s got confidence. (She’s) someone who’s more fashionable because our pieces are about mixing more fashion with lingerie… It can be worn as inner wear and outer wear. That’s something very particular about us…. “

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Melissa Franchi of Nevaeh Intimates at The Lingerie Selection Showcase in New York City recently.