Some news and some new styles from Luxe and Curves


Luxe and Curves moved from Dallas to Connecticut and the local fashion line has big moves planned for 2018.

Currently, available only on-line, Luxe and Curves’ creative director Rachael AL-Mahdi has announced plans to open up a boutique-atelier in May 2018.

In the meantime, the line has introduced its Holiday 2017 collection.

“We were inspired by society’s love of self-indulgence, pleasure and money,” said AL-Mahdi of the Autumn/ Winter 2017 collection dubbed “Decadent.”

“Our colors and fabrics tell a story of a woman who loves the finest things. Some say with decadence comes a decline in moral standards, but she doesn’t care,” she said.

“Our collection reflects this woman who sees herself as an extrovert, a show-off, and who likes the things that symbolizes her —opulence, glamour and an object of desire.”

For those who don’t know the brand, AL-Mahdi explained Luxe and Curves is “a luxury lifestyle brand catering to women across the world who demand chic contemporary fashions. We offer high-end fashions because every woman deserves to feel beautiful and look luxurious. We are unapologetically luxe.

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