Getting decadent like Studio 54 in Coco de Mer


On Monday, Feb. 26, British lingerie brand Coco de Mer will invoke the spirit of the decadent disco New York of the 1970s when it celebrates its collection at a secret location.

In an email interview, the brand’s CEO spoke about Coco de Mer’s SS18 collection and the raison d’etre of next Monday’s celebration.

Lucy Litwack, the CEO of Coco de Mer explained, “Set in a showstopping venue, for one night only, people gather for an evening of entertainment and erotica hosted by Coco de Mer. A collaboration of all British talents; artists, photographers, performers and party goers sip on cocktails while being captivated by the evening’s entertainment.  Dazzling lights and fantastic sights fill the room, creating a night that is not to be forgotten.”

Litwack said, “We… created this special Coco de Mer evening to draw back on Coco de Mer’s original aesthetic and history, where we embrace erotica and art and build an empowering atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to let their inhibitions free and feel empowered.”

“This season was inspired by the glamour and excitement of the evening’s events. Designed to elevate enchantment, this collection will allow the wearer to make their own entertainment in the bedroom,” Litwack explained.

As for why the focus was put on Studio 54 where art celebrities like Truman Capote and Andy Warhol would mingle with the music world’s hottest stars, Litwack said, “We looked at other notorious nights throughout history and found the biggest source of inspiration to come from the renowned 70’s nightclub.”

“This club is infamous for hosting some of the most lavish yet scandalous nights in history and we wanted to reflect this in our concept, with this evening at Coco de Mer being the most stylish and talked about night of them all,” said the CEO.

In the collection itself, said Litwack, “The architecture of Studio 54 is also a key inspiration for the season.”

“The club was built in what was originally a 1920s opera house, and when it was renovated, this original Art Deco interior was brought back to life and modernized with a 1970s Biba style renovation,” said Coco de Mer’s CEO. “This 1920s architecture is just as much of an influence as the ‘70s disco, again bringing us back to one of the trends where we look to the past to shape the future and where youth is reborn for all ages.”

“Just as the original interiors of Studio 54 were brought back to life through their ‘70s renovation,” Litwack said, “past eras will influence contemporary designs, being the driving point for this concept.”

“Just like (Coco de Mer’s) AW16 (collection)wanted the wearer to walk into the Pleasure Garden and enter into a world of pleasure; when guests walk into this venue, we want them to feel completely themselves, and totally inspired and immersed in the celebration of talent and erotic creativity (in the latest collection),” said the CEO of the lingerie brand.


To accompany the SS 18 collection, Coco de Mer also commissioned a fashion photograph editorial by Rankin, who also made a film to bring the whole project alive.

“The Rankin shoot for SS18 truly highlights this ‘70s vibe – high energy, sparkling lights, disco balls and female friendships,” said Litwack.

“With our AW18 collection,” which is designed for the woman who “is sophisticated, confident and sensual. She is empowered, in touch with her own sexuality and loves to explore her desires,” Litwack said, “it’s all about the energy evoked from the silhouettes that mold to the curves of your body. The concept of conceal and reveal and the jewel colors that are rich and vibrant – from emerald green to shades of red and gold.”

Boiling down the collection to a simple description, Litwack said, “I would describe the collection as feminine, decadent, vibrant, sensual and luxurious.”

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PHOTOS by RANKIN/THE FULL SERVICE courtesy of Coco de Mer
Coco de Mer, Rankin and The Full Service embrace disco fever for the brand’s SS18 collection! With visuals that hark back to a ’70s nightclub scene, ‘Up All Night’ shows off the scandalous and irresistible side of luxury lingerie brand, Coco de Mer. Created by The Full Service, with photography by Rankin, it’s all disco balls, opulent lingerie and dancin’ till dawn.