Who are you on Valentine’s Day? Yandy has some suggestions



If you’re looking for that alluring persona on Valentines Day night, and an alluring persona that reflects the thumpa-thumpa in your heart, Yandy.com has a new Valentine’s Day that plays into the individuality of women.

The latest line is dubbed V-Day Vixens. And with this line, you can pick an outfit that fits your Girl Crush or Sugar Femme or Classic Glam or Bad B!tch romantic mood.

How do these personalities manifest themselves in Yandy’s line?

Yandy explains, “Girl Crush is all about self-love, independence, and she’s not afraid to do what she likes and treat herself.”

“Sugar Femme’s your girl if you’ve got a sweet tooth – but only if she’ll let you catch her. She’s bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne. But don’t be fooled by her sugary nature,” said Yandy in press materials.

“Classic Glam is head over heels in love with love. If she was a love language it would be gifts…. She loves a good love story and isn’t afraid to drive you mad with desire,” said Yandy.

And, finally, “Bad B!tch runs the show and isn’t afraid to let you know it… Enter if you dare, she plays dirty.”

For all of your Valentine’s Day gear, visit http://yandy.com/valentine-s-day-lingerie.aspx

All photos provided by Yandy.com.