Camellia Couture provides a touch of elegance


There are times when your preteen, tween, and teen needs to set aside their casual attire and dress up.

Weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, catechisms, and just fancy birthday parties require something that looks special and polish.

At Society Fashion Week on Feb. 10 during New York Fashion Week, Camellia Couture presented a collection that provided a touch of elegance for getting dressed up at these special occasions. There were cute dresses for the little ones where all of the grandmas will ooh and ahh. And there were more luxe dresses for preteens and teens where their best friends will gush, “You’re so pretty.”

Camellia Couture also delved into some elegance for women and older teens ‑ and even into some menswear.

This is what guests at Harlem Parish saw walking down the runway from Camellia Couture.