Cars and fashion, a marriage of color


Fashion and automobiles have more in common than some of their aficionados may admit.

For example, there are times where you buy for function –such as when you pick up a blouse at Walmart rather than Nordstrom’s or pick up a Chevy rather than a Lamborghini.

Other times, you buy because you want to make an impression… such as slipping into a Dolce Gabbana dress or stepping behind the wheel of a Rolls Royce.

These similarities were clearly evident at the Barrett-Jackson car auction, where there was floor after floor of classic cars in the Winter Garage of the Mohegan Sun, many of which sparkled in the sunlight like fine jewelry.

Color also plays a role in the style of clothes or the automobile.

And the cars at Barrett-Jackson offered up images of Christian Louboutin shoes with their red lacquered souls and occasional glossy black leather.

“Walk a mile in these Louboutins,” rapped Iggy Izalea in “Work,” of these aspirational fashion accessories. “But they don’t wear these (shoes) where I’m from.”

“These expensive, these is red bottoms,” rapped Cardi B on “Bodak Yellow.” “These is bloody shoes.”

But not all fashion is black and red, and Barrett-Jackson also indicated that not every car must be red or black to make a stylish statement.

Model Micayla Barrows shows off fashion perfect for your inner gearhead.