Outstanding farewell for Outstanding Teen



In two weeks, Woodbury teen Lindiana Frangu will find out how she ranks among teens from across the country.
Frangu, who is the reigning Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen, will be heading to Orlando, Fla. to compete for the title of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen starting July 23. The winner of the competition, who will be judged on talent, private interview with judges, on-stage question, evening gown, and health and fitness, will be crowned July 27.
On Sunday, the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Organization organized a farewell party for Frangu at Chippanee Golf Club in Bristol.
Frangu had been Miss Bristol’s Outstanding Teen until she received the state title.
Before the guests arrived, and as she was organizing herself for the afternoon’s festivities, Frangu said that with two weeks left before the national event, “I’m just really excited. I’m really excited to go down to Florida and meet everybody and compete for my dream job. I just can’t wait.”
When the competition is over, no matter what the results are, Frangu said she hopes to walk away with friends in every state. She also wants to be able to savor the experience of competing for this “amazing job” to represent the United States. The Nonnewaug High School student, who is of Albanian descent, said she also wants to be able to say she represented herself the best she could and to be able to say she was able to share her platform of breast cancer awareness with people across the United States.
And as she meets people from across the country at the national event, Frangu, as a representative of Connecticut said she wants them to realize the Nutmeg State has “amazing girls” and “amazing titleholders.”
“We’re all putting our best foot forward and we’re here win or lose,” said Frangu.
Two years ago, Waterbury’s Brooke Cyr was standing in Frangu’s shoes as the 2017 Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen. At the farewell party where she was serving as emcee, Cyr offered a few words of wisdom to Frangu.
“The most important thing heading into this pageant and the entire year is enjoy every single moment because it’s going to go by so fast,” said Cyr. “Don’t let your competition get into your head. Yes, you’re there to compete but you’re also there to make sisters and to have fun and to get the experience of competing at Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. That’s something that not many girls are able to do.”
“Just appreciate everything that is happening and take it all in and just enjoy every single moment that’s coming,” said Cyr.
Southington’s Maggie Wernicki, as Miss Mum City’s Outstanding Teen, served alongside Frangu in the Miss Bristol/ Forestville Scholarship program. Wernicki said she would tell Frangu as she heads to Orlando, “Don’t let anyone get into your head because you’re truly amazing… Just have so much fun and put your best self out there.”
“It will be a journey of a lifetime,” Miss Forestville’s Outstanding Teen Irelynn Janell said she would tell Frangu, who served alongside her in the Bristol competition organization as well. “It’s going to be a really fun time so just have fun and take it all in.”