Fire up the yacht, pop open the champagne, and slip on your Liliana Montoya


Liliana Montoya provided a simple palette for her swimsuit collection unveiled at Art Hearts Fashion in Miami Beach on July 11.

The show at Faena Forum during Miami Swim Week opened up with black, and there were whites and golds as well. There was one sunshine yellow.

All had that lux feel as if you were sunning on your high speed yacht just off the coast of Miami. All the models needed was a champagne flute and some caviar to complete the picture.

The cuts of the suits were mature but very sexy. These were swimsuits for women who were confident in their gym routine. Bust lines plunged and bikini bottoms rode high and provided plenty of skin in the front and the back.

But Liliana Montoya provided a collection that small exclusive boutiques will covet. And women of a certain status will want in their suitcase as they dash off to that exclusive resort or party with important people on that sweet yacht on the high seas.