The struggle has been real for POC


If Asan Neil-Evergin could describe himself, the brains before the fashion brand Progressionover Complacency said he is a “dream chaser.”

In an email interview, the former college athlete said he is “an individual who has stopped at… nothing” to be a success.

The brand was launched by the Clarksville, Tenn. resident three years ago during a “tough transition in my life.”

Neil-Evergin knew the time had begun to plan for a life beyond college football.

Evergin said he wanted to get into personal training and coaching. But since he was still a college football player, he couldn’t legally trade on his reputation as an athlete to make a living.

So, instead, Evergin took a different direction that would not put his football career in jeopardy.

He entered fashion.

“I was always fashionable and just love to look good for myself, so why not a clothing brand to go with it,” said the now 25-year-old.

The brand’s name, POC, was selected after considerable thought. “It stemmed from… how I conduct myself daily.” Progression over complacency.


“The message of my brand is simple, but so critical,” said Neil-Evergin. “I understand that my struggles may (differ) completely from yours or anyone else’s, but one thing that stands true is the meaning of progression vs. complacency.”

“Progression can come in different forms, shapes, sizes… whether this is building your brand or company to be the biggest in the world or whether it’s down to making your bed before you leave. Have you done something to put you in a better position today than you were yesterday,” said Neil-Evergin.

POC, as envisioned by Neil-Evergin, offers variety of clothing including athletic wear, casual wear and streetwear.

Neil-Evergin also is looking to combine his fashion world with his experience as a college athlete — and now a personal trainer.

Neil-Evergin said he wants to offer mentorship to encourage entrepreneurship and leadership “to give athletes the best chance at increasing their exposure while playing against some of the best of the best.”

As a fashion brand, Neil-Evergin has reached several milestones. He has gotten his clothes on the backs of recording artists such as Roddy Ricch, Danileigh, and YNW.

POC also was a recent winner at Magnifique Showcase, which is organized by Victoria Henley, a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model.”

To find his brand, visit You can also go to Instagram, Facebook Snapchat, and Twitter and plug in P O C Athletic.

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