She’s a fashion protege

by MIKE CHAIKEN Former “America’s Top Model” contestant Victoria Henley sees something special about 4-year-old Lillie Ann […]

A model and more

by MIKE CHAIKEN Courtney Johnson is a model. She recently was a winner at Magnifique Showcase in […]

Zip it up with Zipsie

Jaquenta Poole had the opportunity to show her streetwear/ athleisure brand Zipsie at the May edition of the […]

Unicorns and mermaids

Luna Brison, daughter of Brittany Calvin, is young enough to love the color pink,  unicorns and mermaids. But […]

Up, up and away

by MIKE CHAIKEN Sassy McPhail may not be a superhero. But that does not mean she can’t […]

All smiles

Sunni Moore, is just 4, but she’s all smiles in a fashion editorial in Greenville, S.C. Sunni was […]

Following her passions

by MIKE CHAIKEN Sarah Jo was among the fashion models who were selected as a winner at […]

Start them out young

by MIKE CHAIKEN Colton B. may be just 1-year-old but he’s already jumped into the modeling game […]

Bring the heat

by MIKE CHAIKEN Bradley Hoecke, a 42-year-old Native American martial artist from Minnesota, kicked his modeling career […]

Trinitee has hearT

by MIKE CHAIKEN Trinitee Hyssen is working to ensure that no one goes through what her brother […]

Shrugging off all doubt

by MIKE CHAIKEN Fashion models have a perceived image. And Jamie Johnson wasn’t sure if she fit […]

She took a different road

BY MIKE CHAIKEN Although Savannah Rae’s music style these days sits squarely in the category of country […]

Pixie dust

by MIKE CHAIKEN The iconic 1960s model Twiggy broke the mold of what a model was supposed […]

Markell Ritchie showcased

Male model Markell Ritchie was a May 22 winner at Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Showcase in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. […]

A teenage dream

Sheila Lambert had a dream since she was 14. She wanted to be a model. Now signed with […]

She won’t be held back

by MIKE CHAIKEN Model Ji’Rea King refuses to be held back by perceived limitations. “I’ve wanted to […]

Career goals

by MIKE CHAIKEN Nadia Jordan is a junior in high school who has career goals. Although she […]


by MIKE CHAIKEN Model Nazariea Oliver is one of a pair who is part of three. The […]