Sisters’ Spring Cheetah roars into NYFW


A pair of sisters sprang into action and sprang their fashion line on the crowd at Society Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week Sept. 12.

Katerina, 16, and Ilyana, 12, Reichenbach teamed up to create the activewear brand Spring Cheetah.

When their models took the runway at the Angel Orensanz Center in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, it marked the lines fifth runway show in New York City.

The duo finds their inspiration in the colors and fabrics of their designs. They also said they design with the mobility of their models in mind.

The typical Spring Cheetah customer runs from age 4 to 18.

Feedback from outside sources, they said, does not typically come into play in their designs.

“It’s mostly from what we want to design,” said Katerina.

“I like vibrant, fun colors. And we like to use Swarovski crystals,” said Katerina.

Ilyana added, “I really like bright colors that show well on the runway.”

To return to fashion week, said Katerina, “Feels amazing and I’m proud of what we create together.”

“It’s awesome to see that our designs get recognition,” said Ilyana.

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