From tragedy to the spotlight


After a tragic setback in her life, Jane Eze finally is pursuing her dream.

The 31-year-old Providence, R.I. resident “ was into modeling, acting and dancing” while growing up in Nigeria.

“I started modeling from when I was in elementary school –what we call nursery school in Nigeria- and participated in runways both in school and events outside of school,” said Jane.

“As a grown lady,” said Jane, “I particularly modeled for fashion designers and participated in locally organized fashion shows.”

But when she moved to the United States, she put that career path on hold because she wasn’t sure how to maneuver in that world in her new home.

And while in the U.S., she got married.

But then the worst happened.

A year after she moved to America, her husband died, leaving her with their 2-month-old daughter to care for.

“After I lost my husband, my main focus was on being financially-able to take care of my daughter,” said Jane.

“It’s been four years now, and I decided to work towards continuing my dream being in the entertainment world, most particularly in modeling and acting,” said Jane, whose daughter is now 5.

“My first modeling in the U.S. was when I participated in the Miss Fashion Global competition, which was held (last year),” said Jane. “I competed in the curvy category and made second place in my category.”

“I also modeled with (‘America’s Next Top Model’) Victoria Henley” in the Magnifique Showcase, said Jane.

The wheels are now turning for Jane.

“My hope is to be a professional in modeling and acting. I also hope to expand my fashion network and gain opportunities to meet members of fashion press, model scouts, photographers, and wardrobe/celebrity stylists,” said Jane.