Feeding her passion


Nathasia Mark had been living a full and busy life.

The Brooklyn-born woman of Panamanian descent was the third child of four children raised by grandparents who came to America with a primary school education.

“They instilled in me and my siblings the importance of education,” said Nathasia. She went forth into high school, playing basketball, enjoying swimming, roller skating and dancing along the way.

She graduated high school. And then she went to college.

“I went on to earn three degrees,” said Nathasia.

All along, she said, she had a “secret desire.”

Nathasia wanted to be a fashion model.

“Growing up, I always loved fashion and (I) was fascinated with fashion shows,” explained Nathasia. “I admired supermodels like Iman, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks because they dominated the world of fashion. I was captivated by the bold poses and the striking features of models who adorned fashion magazines and billboards.

“It secretly made me want to be like them,” said Nathasia.

Nathasia, certainly, had the look of a model. “(I was) of talI stature. I always stuck out like a single oak tree in an open field.”

But she never really took the time to pursue this passion.

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world. And like many Americans, she began to rethink her ambitions.

“I finally set my heart on seeking opportunities to model,” said Nathasia. “My quest began with an introduction to Victoria Henley, (a contestant on)… ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ I was invited to participate in the Magnifique Fashion Showcase in Gulfport, Miss. in December 2021.

“My experience at this fashion showcase ignited a fire in me to pursue modeling,” explained Nathasia. “I felt empowered after walking the runway with such beautiful and confident women of all shapes, sizes, and orientations.”

With her experiences at Magnifique, Nathasia said, “I am really excited about the future, which includes my competition for the Miss Fashion Global Universe 2022 crown.”

Nathasia said, “I have a feeling this is going to be one of the best journeys of my life.”


PHOTO CREDITS: Rob Lo, Solo Mio photography, Miami, Fla.