She overcame and now she’s a model


Orianateyor Beard admits to having childhood insecurities.

She grew up in a family that struggled financially. And this put her dreams out of reach for the most part.

But she had a dream all the same.

She wanted to be a model.

“I have a strong passion for expressing myself, and the best way that I can do that is in my sense of style,” said Orianateyor, 22.

Learning to embrace who she is, she said she learned to “love to rock bold colors to match my fun and bubbly personality.”

But, it’s not all about being in your face with her style, said Orianateyor. “I can also wear simple basic wear with either neutrals or something with a slight color to express my calm, quiet, and shy side.”

She was a recent winner at the Magnifique Showcase, which is organized by former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Victoria Henley.

As part of the competition, Orianateyor had the second fashion shoot of her life with Lynn Henley behind the camera.

Given her modest origins, Orianateyor said, “(Now) I take any opportunity that I can with gratitude.”


Photo Credits: Lynn Henley/Victoria H.

Pants, Dress, Accessories: Lisa Hopkins

Model/MUA: Orianateyor Beard